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      1. 15 years' professional experiences in LED lighting, located in Ningbo China.
      2. Specialized in LED Track light, LED Down light,LED Super high bay,LED Flood light,LED Bulb and so on.
      3. LED lamp panel(SMT) and drivers were designed and produced internally,we have 15years experience.
      4. GS, CE(EMC&LVD), ETL certifications and complying RoHS standard.
      5. 3,000,000 pieces of LED lamps per month.
      6. 20,000 square meters' factory size with 300 employees.

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      Based on the advanced strategic orientation, as well as constant innovation and R & D ability.

      LED Downlight

      LED Super High Bay with cover

      LED T Lamp

      LED Tracklight

      LED Downlight

      about us

      Established in 2004, YYlighting --NINGBO?YIYUAN?LIGHTING?TECHNOLOGY?CO.,LTD is the leading LED lighting manufacturer in China. There are 300 employees in YY Lighting, including 20 engineers and 10 QAQC inspectors. The company covers 20,000 ㎡, monthly LED production capacity is 2million pieces. Benefit from high quality, competitive price and payment terms, teamwork and strict QAQC, YY Lighting enjoys a sustainable export growth in the last 15 years.

      15?years in manufacturing

      40 Patents owned in China and abroad



      If you have any questions, please leave a message, we will reply as soon as possible.
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